Parenteral nutrition: calculate according to guidelines and protected against recourse

Economical prescription safety and optimal medication according to guidelines. Both are possible! CareSolution® ensures the highest quality through up-to-date, consensus-based expert knowledge and recourse protection for physicians - while fully maintaining therapeutic sovereignty. Used by over 15,000 doctors - free of charge, already financed by 42 health insurance companies:

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Parenteral nutrition can be easily calculated online - free of charge for doctors!

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CareSolution® Expert Council

The market for parenteral nutrition prescriptions offers little transparency. No physician can oversee the multitude of products and prices. However, good preparations do not have to be expensive. A lower price saves the physicians budget, relieves the community and leaves more for other important things - that's why we take care of your insight into the product and price jungle.

Our expert council Expertise and specialist scientific consulting team

The special CareSolution® service for physicians

Carenoble has its own specialist department with qualified, highly experienced scientific staff under pharmacological management who are available to answer technical and individual questions. Get to know the CareSolution® team!

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The CareSolution® portal: digital assistant for physicians and specialists

The CareSolution® cockpit provides doctors with transparency on all products and prices with just a few clicks. The algorithms determine suggestions for guidelines. At the end, a finished nutrition regime with infusion plan is available for download. CareSolution® lists all suitable products and recipes - including current prices.

A sketch of a physician, drugs and prescription form Calculate, compare and execute

Parenteral Nutrition

With CareSolution® it is no problem to prescribe parenteral nutrition according to guidelines, because the prescription service calculates the nutrition regime according to guidelines and shows all product alternatives independent of the manufacturer.

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Delegation to supply partners

The profitability calculations by CareSolution® are a service capable of delegation. The simplest way to use the advantages and at the same time to relieve one's own work is to delegate the profitability calculations to a care partner.